Sentence Examples with the word Loculi

The loculi in this lower portion were intact, with inscriptions of the 2nd century still in their places, proving that the niche in which that picture was painted must have been considerably older than the lowering of the floor.

The mode of interment, however, is the same as that practised in Rome, and the loculi and arcosolia differ by little in the two.

These loculi were usually constructed for a single body only.

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The synangia consist of a stout wall composed of thick-walled cells, succeeded by a layer of more delicate and smaller elements; and internal to the wall occur two rows of sporangial loculi containing microspores.

In the same year building operations in the Via di Sant' Onofrio revealed the presence of catacombs beneath the foundations: examination of the loculi showed that no martyrs or illustrious persons were buried here.

Near this a whole region of galleries has been brought to light with loculi intact.

Sometimes the two cavities are restricted to the two ends of the spore, the polaribilocular type and the two loculi may be united From Beitrcge zur Wissenschaftlichen Botanik.

Wide, having three or more ranges of loculi on either side, running longitudinally into the rock, each originally closed by a stone bearing an inscription.

The loculi here also are set endways to the passage.

In the upright walls of these galleries loculi were cut as needed to receive the dead.