Sentence Examples with the word Locked

She locked her doors and wiped rain from her face.

He discovered that when he had married his wife--of his own free will as it had seemed to him--he had been no more free than now when they locked him up at night in a stable.

The two demons were locked in a silent staring contest.

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He'd never thought of being locked out of the underworld as an advantage, but the soul Darkyn wanted wasn't likely one of those in the lakes on the mortal world.

But he locked it before he left.

There are forty and odd vertebrae in all, which in the skeleton are not locked together.

Many of the mineral plant food-constituents locked up in the coarse herbage and in the upper layers of the soil are made immediately available to crops.

She raised her eyes through dark, full lashes and locked full on to his.

She locked down all the systems and routed all the controls to her micro.

Rhyn released her and locked the door behind him then paced, rubbing his jaw.