Sentence Examples with the word Locations

The natives were settled in 1846 in specially selected locations and placed under the general supervision of Sir (then Mr) Theophilus Shepstone.

Tim released the locations to everything east of the Mississippi.

I alone know the locations of all our armies.

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Fred said he'd check the maps and list all the Burlington locations he could find but neither was sure what that information would tell them.

At least Dean had heard of Quebec, the Alps, and France, but locations and climbs like Cerro Torre in Patagonia (the place, not the clothing), Frankenjura, Orizaba and Cayambe were places he never knew existed.

None of her men, not even Hilden, knew the locations of all their warriors.

Here you find articles in the encyclopedia about various locations and other geographical entities.

Adjoining Natal) was constituted a reserve, in which locations were to be provided for Zulu unwilling to serve the restored king.

She was learning as much about the Black God's organization as she could, from numbers of vamps to locations of their compounds to the Black God's own skills.

We can access the emerops locations around here with Elise's security forces.