Sentence Examples with the word Locals

Tourists and locals alike bartered with vendors, and he entered a tiny silver shop, where he sensed the Immortal he sought.

The farmers market was teeming with the locals and makeshift booths lining a cordoned off section of the beach town nearby.

Most locals maneuvered their jeeps, Subarus or pickup trucks on the sparsely traveled roads with little notice of the winter deposits.

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While they thought themselves in better than average shape, many of the locals were dynamos when it came to high altitude athletics.

Some of the locals she knew from her frequent visits seated themselves before Sean at the bar.

That's what the locals call one of the swimming holes.

The locals get their own coffee.

The Byrne address was on the east side of town, but as Dean had time to kill, he decided to drive west to what the locals called the beltway, a loop road around the city.