Sentence Examples with the word Loathed

He was almost as much loathed in Courland as in Russia; but the will of the empress was the law of the land, and large sums of money, smuggled into Courland in the shape of bills payable in Amsterdam to bearer, speedily convinced the electors.

She wondered what she'd ever feared or loathed about the harmless, ill-made book.

But he had caused alarm, and he refused all demands for the withdrawal of the loathed articles of Perth.

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Heraclius (1646), Andromede (1650), a spectacle-opera rather than a play, Don Sanche d'Aragon (1650) and Nicomede (1651) were the products of the next few years' work; but in 1652 Pertharite was received with decided disfavour, and the poet in disgust resolved, like Ben Jonson, to quit the loathed stage.

But he naturally loathed persecution, and was as tolerant as any in that age.

To be loathed as well as despised, he lacked also the sense of personal dignity that had been the saving grace of George, while he shared the conservative and Protestant prejudices of his predecessors.

As he loathed fish, so he loathed clerical fanaticism.