Sentence Examples with the word Loaned

Mr. Law explained that his hope was that the new War Bonds would lead to a steady and persistent flow of money loaned to the State without the financial dislocation inseparable from a great loan.

She dressed hurriedly in the clothes Sarah had loaned her and ran fingers through her hair, wishing she had a comb.

Park, the entire collection of Edwards's manuscripts loaned to him by Tryon Edwards was transferred to Yale University.

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There was no way to discern if it was the vehicle loaned to Howie.

Since its founding in 2005, Kiva has loaned out nearly a quarter of a billion dollars and is repaid almost 99 percent of the time.

His collection of paintings and sculpture, much of which had long been loaned to the Metropolitan Museum, was sold in January 1886.

State bonds were issued and public lands were sold to secure capital, and the notes of the banks, loaned on security, became a medium of exchange.

Wetzel, are: that money as coin may have more than its bullion value; that natural interest is determined by the rent of land valued at the sum of money loaned - an anticipation of Turgot; that high wages are not inconsistent with a large foreign trade; that the value of an article is determined by the amount of labour necessary to produce the food consumed in making the article; that manufactures are advantageous but agriculture only is truly productive; and that when practicable (as he did not think it practicable at the end of the War of Independence) state revenue should be raised by direct tax.