Sentence Examples with the word Livre

To appreciate it without prejudice, one should recall that this assembly saved France from a civil war and invasion, that it founded the system of public education (Museum, Ecole Polytechnique, .Ecole Normale Superieure, Ecole des Langues orientales, Conservatoire), created institutions of capital importance, like that of the Grand Livre de la Dette publique, and definitely established the social and political gains of the Revolution.

In the Giza Greek fragment discovered in Egypt and published by Bouriant (Fragments grecs du livre d'Enoch), in 1892, and subsequently by Lods, Dillmann, Charles (Book of Enoch, 318 sqq.), Swete, and finally by Radermacher and Charles (Ethiopic Text, 3-75).

The Moral Proverbs of Christyne de Pise, translated by Earl Rivers, was printed in 1478 by Caxton, who himself translated, by order of Henry VII., her Livre des faitz d'armes, et de chevalerie, a treatise on the art of war, based chiefly on Vegetius.

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One of the most characteristic works of Cormenin is the Livre des orateurs, a series of brilliant studies of the principal parliamentary orators of the restoration and the monarchy of July, the first edition of which appeared in 1838, and the eighteenth in 1860.

Other works by him were Reponse au livre de P. Nouet sur l'eucharistie (1668); CEuvres posthumes (Amsterdam, 1688), containing the Traite de la composition d'un sermon, translated into English in 1778.

Montet, Etude sur le livre des Lamentations (Geneva, 1875); G.

He also wrote in 1832 Le Livre nouveau, intended as a substitute for the Christian Scriptures, but it was not published.

In the case of these minor works the attribution to Chastellain is in some cases erroneous, notably in the case of the Livre des faits de Jacques de Lalain, which is the work of Lefebvre de Saint-Remi, herald of the Golden Fleece.

Soon after this he published his first work, Examen de livre de la reunion du Christianisme (1671).

Both serious rivals of the Revue des deux mondes; Revue francaise d'Edimbourg (1897); Revue germanique (1905); Le Livre (1880), dealing with bibliography and literary history, and La Revue latine (1902), no longer published; La Revue, monthly.