Sentence Examples with the word Liquidated

The first part of his life was devoted to mercantile and financial pursuits at Cadiz and then in Madrid, where he managed the affairs of and liquidated a mercantile and industrial society to the satisfaction and profit of the shareholders.

The general opinion is that if Russian capitalists had not been interested in the enterprise the company would have liquidated long ago.

The tctal absence of easy means of communication, the high rates of transport, and the scarcity of fuel and water in the mineral districts made profitable operations impossible, and the corporation liquidated in f 894, after having expended a large sum of money.

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A person having a liquidated claim might either sue a debtor or proceed at his peril to seize without this preliminary.

At the close of the war with Chile there was an indemnity debt due to citizens of that republic of 6,550,830 bolivianos, which had been nearly liquidated in 1904 when Chile took over the unpaid balance.