Sentence Examples with the word Linguae

A brief tract on comic metres (De comicis dimensionibus) and a work De causis linguae Latinae - the earliest Latin grammar on scientific principles and following a scientific method - were his only other purely literary works published in his lifetime.

His epistle to Gardiner, De recta et emendata linguae Graecae pronunciatione, was printed at Paris in 1568; the same volume includes his dialogue De recta et emendata linguae Anglicanae scriptione.

Mention should also be made of: Handworterbuch der lateinischen Sprache (5th ed., 1874); Romische Litteraturgeschichte (1847), of which only the introductory volume appeared; an edition of the treatise De Graecae linguae particulis (1835-1842) of Matthaeus Deverius (Devares), a learned Corfiote (c. 1500-1570), and corrector of the Greek MSS.

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Rvdimenta (1621); Antiquae linguae Britannicae dictionarium duplex (1632); Edward Lhuyd, Archaeologia Britannica (1707); W.

Besides his papers in the Philosophical Transactions, the principal works of Greaves are Pyramidographia, or a Description of the Pyramids in Egypt (1646); A Discourse on the Roman Foot and Denarius (1649); and Elementa linguae Persicae (1649).

In 2 vols., 18 33 - 35); Etymologicum linguae Latinae (1662; new ed.