Sentence Examples with the word Lingered

Whatever lingered from his touch faded without disappearing.

Her gaze lingered on the remaining half a funnel cake.

His gaze lingered on her, as if he smelled her perfume and was trying hard to identify it.

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Her attention lingered on it for a moment before she wrote one more.

His casual regard lingered on her long legs and returned to her flushed face.

Kris.s chamber was a burnt-out hull, and he lingered for a moment, regret in his belly.

Something of the salt sea yet lingered in old Bildad's language, heterogeneously mixed with Scriptural and domestic phrases.

Under their protection, the three remaining counters lingered on until their buildings were sold at Bergen in 1775, at London in 1852 and at Antwerp in 1863.

He lingered at Avignon; but the French, compelled to hard measures by the English, refused to be satisfied; and Pope Benedict XIV., alarmed by the threat of a bombardment of Civita Vecchia, advised the prince to withdraw.

Loanda was left on the 10th of September 1854, but Livingstone lingered long about the Portuguese settlements.