Sentence Examples with the word Lindsey

At this period the Danish inroads upon the coast of Lindsey had already begun, and in 873 Healfdene wintered at Torksey, while in 878 Lincoln and Stamford were included among the five Danish boroughs, and the organization of the districts dependent upon them probably resulted about this time in the grouping of Lindsey, Kesteven and Holland to form the shire of Lincoln.

Edwin seems also to have annexed Lindsey to his kingdom by 625.

The Parts of Lindsey contain 17 wapentakes; Kesteven, exclusive of the soke and borough of Grantham and the borough of Stamford, 9 wapentakes; and Holland, 3 wapentakes.

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In 874 the march of the Danes from Lindsey to Repton drove Burgred from his kingdom.

At Lindsey House Count Zinzendorf established a Moravian Society (c. 1750).

For parliamentary purposes the county is divided into seven divisions, namely, West Lindsey or Gainsborough, North Lindsey or Brigg, East Lindsey or Louth, South Lindsey or Horncastle, North Kesteven or Sleaford, South Kesteven or Stamford, and Holland or Spalding, and the parliamentary boroughs of Boston, Grantham, Grimsby and Lincoln, each returning one member.

In the Parts of Lindsey several churches present curious early features, particularly the well-known towers of St Peter, Barton-onHumber, St Mary-le-Wigford and St Peter at Gowts, Lincoln, which exhibit work of a pre-Conquest type.

Formerly there were similar districts in Lindsey in Lincolnshire.

South of the Humber, Lindsey seems to have had a dynasty of its own, though in historical times it was apparently always subject to the kings of Northumbria or Mercia.

Despite the treachery of lElfric, the English were victorious; and the Danes sailed off to ravage Lindsey and Northumbria.