Sentence Examples with the word Limoges

In 1789, with his debts paid up by his father, he was elected by the noblesse of Limoges a deputy to the States General.

Montegut, Jean Baptiste Joseph Emile (1825-1895), French critic, was born at Limoges on the 14th of June 1825.

MURETUS, the Latinized name of Marc Antoine Muret (1526-1585), French humanist, who was born at Muret near Limoges on the 12th of April 1526.

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Hippolyte Carnot, was born at Limoges on the 11th of August 183 7.

He published his Avis sur l'assiette et la repartition de la taille (1762-1770), and as president of the Societe d'agriculture de Limoges offered prizes for essays on the principles of taxation.

In the last years of the reign of Francis I., cardinal du Bellay was in favour with the duchesse d'Etampes, and received a number of benefices - the bishopric of Limoges (1541), archbishopric of Bordeaux (1544), bishopric of Le Mans (1546); but his influence in the council was supplanted by that of Cardinal de Tournon.

JEAN CRUVEILHIER (1791-1874), French anatomist, was born at Limoges in 1791, and was educated at the university of Paris, where in 1825 he became professor of anatomy.

This pope reigned only ten months; his successor, John XXIII., raised Pierre d'Ailly to the rank of cardinal (June 6, 1411), and further, to indemnify him for the loss of the bishopric of Cambrai, conferred upon him the administration of that of Limoges (November 3, 1412), which was shortly after exchanged for the bishopric of Orange.

He levied numerous imposts, and his fiscal measures provoked a great sedition at Limoges in 579.

We know he was at Limoges in 1173; at Rome in 117 9; in Anjou in 1183; and at Angers in 1199), could have found the necessary leisure.