Sentence Examples with the word Lightened

Of an olive-green above, deeply tinted in some parts with black and in others lightened by yellow, and beneath of a yellowish-white again marked with black, the male of this species has at least a becoming if not a brilliant garb, and possesses a song that is not unmelodious, though the resemblance of some of its notes to the running-down of a piece of clockwork is more remarkable than pleasing.

Leland said that it is easier to collect the leaves of the Sibyl than the titles of the works written by Roger Bacon; and though the labour has been somewhat lightened by the publications of Brewer and Charles, referred to below, it is no easy matter even now to form an accurate idea of his actual productions.

They seemed to walk for hours, until the first rays of morning lightened the forest.

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Taran watched him and rubbed the back of his neck, squinting at the lightened sky near the sunset.

To diminish the number of the privileged was impossible, but false claims to exemption were firmly resisted, and the unjust direct taxation was lightened by an increase of the indirect taxes, from which the privileged could not escape.

In his conflict with the towns over his refusal to ratify all their privileges the elector's task was lightened by a quarrel between the magistrates and the burghers of Berlin, which he was called in to decide in 1442.

My acquiescence lightened the mood for the remainder of the trip as Betsy and Howie chatted as if future sessions were a faite accompli.

Sickly men and some stores and animals had been got away before Dec. 8, which lightened the task in prospect.

At every degree of latitude the sledges were lightened by forming a depot of provisions for the return journey.

But these books, however influential, had no public authority, and when the yoke of oppression was lightened but a little their enthusiasm lost much of its contagious power.