Sentence Examples with the word Lifemate

He set his lifemate on the bed and sat on the edge of the bed.

With his lifemate discovered, he had everything he needed to reclaim his throne.

And he left her sitting on the bed, aware of how much more work his lifemate would create for him.

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The second battle he would leave to his sisters: teaching his lifemate how to behave according to dhjan standards.

Damian's lifemate was petite, beautiful, and angry.

Unfortunately, my lifemate knows nothing of Anshan or even the Five Galaxies.

Nishani, your lifemate was called away suddenly.

I've been a warrior for too long to understand how to be the lifemate you deserve.

Dusty's lifemate was small and shapely with a sunny disposition and caramel features that resembled her brother's, the Black God.

I will announce my lifemate at the committee.