Sentence Examples with the word Libraries

Its university, removed from Vilna to Kiev in 1834, has about 2500 students, and is well provided with observatories, laboratories, libraries and museums; five scientific societies and two societies for aid to poor students are attached to it.

One of the principal libraries is the former palace of the archbishops of Toledo.

The libraries that existed, such as the one at Alexandria, contained reading rooms because when you read a book, you read it aloud.

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The author is an industrious student and a typical scholar, who frequents libraries and is interested in the MSS.

In 1731 he established in Philadelphia one of the earliest circulating libraries in America (often said to have been the earliest), and in 1732 he published the first of his Almanacks, under the pseudonym of Richard Saunders.

In 1866, after some months in London, he settled down in Oxford, which he made his home for the rest of his life, only quitting it for visits to the great Scandinavian libraries or to London (to work during two or three long vacations with his fellow-labourer, F.

The university library of 110,000 volumes is supplemented by the libraries of Minneapolis and St Paul.

At the present day, however, not only have hundreds of forms or species been described, but our knowledge of their biology has so extended that we have entire laboratories equipped for their study, and large libraries devoted solely to this subject.

See Sprenger's Catalogue of the Libraries of the King of Oudh (1854); H.

The codices remaining in the libraries are for the most part theological and ecclesiastical works.