Sentence Examples with the word Lex Salica

Geffcken, Lex Salica (Leipzig, 1898), the text in 65 chapters, with commentary paragraph by paragraph, and appendix of additamenta; and the edition undertaken by Mario Krammer for the Mon.

Holder, Lex Salica (1879 seq.), reproductions of all the MSS.

Behrend, Lex Salica (1873; 2nd ed., Weimar, 1897); J.

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Hessels, Lex Salica: the Ten Texts with the Glosses, and the Lex Emendata, with notes on the Frankish words in the Lex Salica by H.

Sohm, Der Prozess der Lex Salica (Weimar, 1867; French trans.