Sentence Examples with the word Lew

Crossing the Potomac, he marched eastward, and, defeating a motley force (action of the Monocacy)which General Lew Wallace had collected to oppose him, appeared before the lines of Washington.

During the years of its domestication, the canary has been the subject of careful artificial selection, the result being the production of a bird differing widely in the colour of its plumage, and in a lew of its varieties even in size and form, from the original wild species.

Johnston thought that the place was unimportant, and withdrew when (15th June) the Federal forces under General Robert Patterson and Colonel Lew Wallace approached, and Harper's Ferry was again occupied by a Federal garrison.

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Early advanced against it with 12,000 veterans, defeated General Lew Wallace with about 3500 men at Monocacy Bridge on the 6th, and on the 11th appeared before the fortifications, which were at the time defended by only a few thousand raw troops; the city was saved by the timely arrival of some of Grant's veterans.

In this building General Lew Wallace (governor 1878-1881) wrote the concluding chapters to Ben Hur.

Smith, Lew Wallace and McClernand, effected a lodgment in the works.