Sentence Examples with the word Levee en masse

The terms offered in an imperial proclamation were rejected, and preparations were made to resist coercion by the levee en masse of a national army.

Granted him unlimited subsidies which there was no time to collect, and ordered a levee en masse of the entire male population, which could not possibly assemble within the given time.

Impatient at the slow progress made by the besieging force, he decreed a levee en masse in the department of Puy-de-Dome, collected an army of 60,000 men, and himself led them to Lyons.

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From them, the official guardians of Hungary's safety, he received no help, either during his governorship (1446-1453), or when, in 1454, on the eve of his departure for his last and most glorious campaign, the diet commanded a levee en masse of the whole population in his support.