Sentence Examples with the word Lester

Carpenter, Insects: their Structure and Life (1899); Charles Lester Marlatt, Household Insects (U.S. Eepartment of Agriculture, revised edition, 1902); Leland Ossian Howard, The Insect Book (1902).

These highest plant-bearing strata rest, according to Lester Ward, somewhat unconformably on the Dakota No.

I am so glad that Lester and Henry are good little infants.

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Professor Lester Ward has instituted a new generic name, Cycadella, for these woolly forms. In a few cases the fossil stems show no trace of any lateral flowering shoots, and in that respect agree with modern forms: an instance of this is afforded by a large Cycadean trunk discovered some years ago in one of the Portland quarries, and named Cycadeoidea gigantea (fig.

Mr. Douglas Williams was succeeded by Mr. Lester Lawrence and Mr. (afterwards Sir) Herbert Rundell.

The plants occur, but this has now been cleared up by the researches of Lester F.