Sentence Examples with the word Leroux

See Raillard, Pierre Leroux et ses oeuvres (Paris, 1899); Thomas, Pierre Leroux: sa vie, son oeuvre, sa doctrine (Paris, 1904); L.

P. Leroux discovered that iodine vapour refracted the red rays more than the violet, the intermediate colours not being transmitted; and in 1870 Christiansen found that an alcoholic solution of fuchsine refracted the violet less than the red, the order of the successive colours being violet, red, orange, yellow; the green being absorbed and a dark interval occurring between the violet and red.

PIERRE LEROUX (1798-1871), French philosopher and economist, was born at Bercy near Paris on the 7th of April 1798, the son of an artisan.

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In November of the same year, when Enfantin preached the enfranchisement of women and the functions of the couple-pretre, Leroux separated himself from the sect.