Sentence Examples with the word Lepidus

Aemilius Lepidus the censor in 179.

Catulus defeated him at the Mulvian bridge and near Cosa in Etruria, and Lepidus made his escape to Sardinia, where he died soon afterwards.

Junius Brutus for truckling to Octavian while showing irreconcilable enmity to Antony and Lepidus (ad Brut.

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Meanwhile, Antony escaped to Cisalpine Gaul, effected a junction with Lepidus and marched towards Rome with a large force of infantry and cavalry.

Refusing to entangle himself in the abortive and equivocal schemes of Lepidus to subvert the Sullan constitution, Caesar took up the only instrument of political warfare left to the opposition by prosecuting two senatorial governors, Cn.