Sentence Examples with the word Len

Maybe she should have told Len about the exchange.

No wonder Len knew so much about what was going on.

If Len was right, it might be a lifetime of hiding.

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If Len has time, maybe he could help me.

Feeling guilty, she used the card Len had given her and dialed his number.

At least tell Len where you're going, or Howard.

Howard slapped Len on the back playfully and turned to leave the building.

After Len left, she was feeling better.

On the way to town, she told Len about the car and how she had come to meet the Giddon family.

A)ntinuous record of each phase in the volcanic changes has len taken, and some progress has been made in the study of te phenomena of Vesuvius; and in prognosticating the occurnce and probable intensity of eruptions.