Sentence Examples with the word Lehmann

The theory of successive formations was soundly developing in the treatises of John Woodward (1665-1728) in England, of Antonio Vallisnieri (1661-1730) in Italy, and of Johann Gottlob Lehmann (d.

It has, however, been shown by Lehmann that there is an independent group of Italian MSS., termed by him E, containing Books i.-vii.

Hist., Leges, iii., and by Karl Lehmann in the 4to series of the same collection.

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Among the more characteristic of these schemes adopted at various times may be mentioned those of Miguel (1891), Eisenberg (1891), and Lehmann and Neumann (1897).

PETER MARTIN ORLA LEHMANN (1810-1870), Danish statesman, was born at Copenhagen on the 15th of May 1810.

The organization of the French colonies, though industrially ruinous, gave them Illustrations representative of the primitive cultures of Central America, Mexico and Peru (q.q.v.) selected and arranged by Dr Walter Lehmann of the Royal Ethnographical Museum, Norwich.

And the Ixtlilxochitl copy were carefully collated by Dr Walter Lehmann (see Zeitschrift fur Ethnologie, 1906, pp. 752-760; Journal de la Societe des Americanistes de Paris, nouv.

At a considerable depth below the foundations of a temple-palace at Teotihuacan, Dr Lehmann discovered certain ceramic fragments of a type quite different from any hitherto classed as Mexican.

See Reinhardt, Orla Lehmann og hans samtid (Copenhagen, 1871); J.

The precious Ixtlilxochitl copy was found by Lehmann in the library of the National Museum of Mexico, and arrangements were made for the publication of the whole MS. by him in conjunction with Professor E.