Sentence Examples with the word Legionaries

To some extent it was definitely encouraged by the Roman government, which here, as elsewhere, founded towns peopled with Roman citizens - generally discharged legionaries - and endowed them with franchise and constitution like those of the Italian municipalities.

Garibaldi and a few followers, including his devoted wife Anita, after vainly attempting to reach Venice, where the tricolor still floated, took refuge in the pine forests of Ravenna; the Austrians were seeking him in all directions, and most of his legionaries were captured and shot.

It was peculiarly the religion of the Roman garrisons, and was carried by the legionaries wherever they went.

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Tacitus, in describing the attack made on the island of Mona (Anglesea) by the Romans under Suetonius Paulinus, represents the legionaries as being awestruck on landing by the appearance of a band of Druids, who, with hands uplifted towards heaven, poured forth terrible imprecations on the heads of the invaders.

The army was formed of the legionaries who had fought in Russia, France and Italy on the side of the Allies, and of those Czechoslovak troops who, on the collapse of Austria-Hungary, streamed back from the various fronts.