Sentence Examples with the word Leggings

She'd been through a lot already today; her exposed midriff and leggings were red with dried blood, and cuts crisscrossed her arms and back.

She hit the punching bag harder, sweat dripping down her body and soaking her leggings and sports bra.

Her hair glowed as if it were on fire, and she floated, her slender form clad in simple leggings and a tunic.

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She was dressed in leggings and a snug T-shirt, neither of which left much to the imagination.

She wore black leggings and a mini-skirt with a dropped waistline.

They have a kind of short kilt, stiff, made of black wool, with a band from back to front between the legs; under this they wear short linen trousers, which come a little below the knee, and black woollen leggings with boots.