Sentence Examples with the word Lectured

He lectured principally on the Aristotelian philosophy, conforming as far as possible to the orthodox methods.

Antiochus lectured also in Rome and Alexandria.

In1862-1867he lectured on church history at Andover, and after 1869 taught at the Union Theological Seminary - as instructor in church history in 1869-1870, and professor of theological cyclopaedia and Christian symbolism in 1870-1873, of Hebrew and cognate languages in 1873-1874, of sacred literature in 1874-1887, and of church history in 1887-1893.

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In addition to his Sunday labours he lectured throughout the States, and prosecuted his wide studies, collecting particularly the materials for an opus magnum on the development of religion in mankind.

In 1795 he received the aid of a coadjutor in his professorship, and two years later he lectured for the last time.

At Jena, where he lectured as a Privatdozent at the university, he contributed to the Athenaeum the aphorisms and essays in which the principles of the Romantic school are most definitely stated.

While in England he resided at Corpus Christi College, Oxford, where he was made doctor of laws and lectured on philosophy.

In 1829 Lindley, who since 1822 had been assistant secretary to the Horticultural Society, was appointed to the chair of botany in University College, London, which he retained till 1860; he lectured also on botany from 1831 at the Royal Institution, and from 1836 at the Botanic Gardens, Chelsea.

From 1863 to 1870 he was secretary and recorder to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and in the last year of his life he lectured on mathematical physics at Harvard.

Besides the subjects of theory and practice of medicine, he lectured systematically on botany, materia medica and chemistry.