Sentence Examples with the word Leapt

His black cat leapt from the ottoman onto her chest, content to curl up and sleep.

Instead, she half ran, half leapt through the piles of bodies into the treed area lining two wide walkways.

Jenn leapt the last few feet to the level ground.

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He leapt to his feet before he was fully aware of his surroundings.

If he ever leapt off another building, he'd choose pavement, which might have some give to it.

Darian Traveled to the portal then leapt through it, pulling them with him.

For that this Thought (gvvoia), recognizing her father's will, had leapt forth from him, and descended to lower regions, and generated the angelic powers by whom this world was made.

They affirmed that he had remained behind at Tarentum; upon which they were suddenly confronted by Anion himself, arrayed in the same garments in which he had leapt overboard.

She leapt through it, half blinded, and tackled him.

Betsy leapt to her feet and high-fived everyone in turn.