Sentence Examples with the word Le Grand

Tissot, Memoires historiques et militaires sur Carnot (Paris, 1824); Arago, Biographic de Carnot (Paris, 1850); Hippolyte Carnot, Memoires sur Carnot (Paris, 1863); C. Remond, Notice biographique sur le grand Carnot (Dijon 1880); A.

And The Canadian Folk Singer, Though In A Land Of Myriad Springs, Still Goes A La Claire Fontaine Of His Ancestral Fancy; While The Lullabies His Mother Sang Him, Like The Love Songs With Which He Serenades His Blonde, Were Nearly All Sung Throughout The Normandy Of Le Grand Monarque.

It was upon that occasion that Gambetta bestowed upon him the title of Le Grand Frangais.

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Education by bursarships at the Lycee at Lyons and at the Lycee Louis Le Grand in Paris.

Among his other works may be mentioned: Mecanique de l'echange (1861); Illusion des societes cooperatives (1886); Le Bimetallisme en Angleterre (1879); Le Grand Proces de l'Union latine (1884).

Jurien de la Gravihre in Les Corsaires barbaresques et la marine de Soliman le Grand (1887), and Doria et Barberousse (1886).

His numerous works include the musical comedy, Pierre le Grand (1790), for Gretry's music, and the opera, Les Deux Journees (1800), music by Cherubini; also L' Abbe de l'epee (1800), and some other plays; and Causeries d'un vieillard (1807), Contes a ma fille (1809), and Les Adieux du vieux conteur (1835).

Hucher, Le Grand Saint Graal; Paulin Paris, Romans de la Table Ronde; Alfred Nutt, Studies in the Legend of the Holy Grail.

He was accepted as a novice at the age of sixteen, and sent to pursue his studies at the College Louis le Grand in Paris.