Sentence Examples with the word Lawson

Though President Andrew Jackson was for many years practically a dictator in Tennessee politics, his arbitrary methods and his intolerance of any sort of independence on the part of his followers led to a revolt in 1836, when the electoral vote of the state was given to Hugh Lawson White, then United States senator from Tennessee, who had been one of Jackson's most devoted adherents.

He was instrumental in securing the Tower for the parliament, and in obtaining the adhesion of Admiral Lawson and the fleet.

Deep, which baffled every effort to reach the interior until in 1813, when a summer of severe drought had made it of vital importance to find new pastures, three of the colonists, Messrs Blaxland, Lawson and Wentworth, more fortunate than their predecessors in exploration, after crossing the Nepean river at Emu Plains and ascending the Dividing Range, were able to reach a position enabling them to obtain a view of the grassy valley of the Fish river, which lies on the farther side of the Dividing Range.

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In Libocedrus decurrens (Cupressineae) Lawson describes the archegonia as varying in number from 6 to 24 (Annals of Botany xxi.,1907).

Pierpont (provisional), Republican Henry Horatio Wells, 8222; 8222; Gilbert Carlton Walker, 8222; James Lawson Kemper, Conservative..

It has been shown by Lawson that in Sequoia sempervirens (Annals of Botany, 1904) and by other workers in the genera that several megaspores may attain a fairly large size in one prothallus.

Grant married in 1872 Jessie, daughter of William Lawson of Halifax.

At first the English were to windward and they bore down with Rear-Admiral John Lawson in command of the van.