Sentence Examples with the word Laus

Augustus joined it with Lucania (from which it was divided by the rivers Laus and Crathis) to form the third region of Italy.

It was separated from Lucania on the north by a line drawn from the mouth of the river Laus on the west to a point a little south of the river Crathis on the east.

Died at Modena 1229, wlaais- which continued to exist as an independent rinci laus ll.

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Bank of the Po, at the meeting-point of roads from Placentia, Mantua (the Via Postumia in both cases), Brixellum (where the roads from Cremona and Mantua to Parma met and crossed the river), Laus Pompeia and Brixia, still gave it considerable importance.

Its immediate and inevitable consequence was the laus H.

Lausanne takes its name from the Flon stream flowing through it, which was formerly called Laus (water).

Under its new name Laus Julii and an Italian constitution it rapidly recovered its commercial prosperity.

His volumes include Cueille d'avril (1885); Les Cygnes (1887; new series, 1892); La Chevauchee d'Yeldis (1893); Swanhilde, a dramatic poem (1894); Laus Veneris (1895), a volume of translations from Swinburne; Poemes et Poesies (1895), a collection containing much of his earlier work; Phocas le jardinier (1898); and La Legende ailee de Wieland le Forgeron (1899), a dramatic poem.

Nothing from his works has been preserved; the Laus Pisonis, which has been attributed to him, is probably by Titus Calpurnius Siculus (J.

To this period belong several famous rhetorical and philosophical works, the Brutus, Orator, Partitiones Oratoriae, Paradoxa, Academica, de Finibus, Tusculan Disputations, together with other works now lost, such as his Laus Catonis, Consolatio and Hortensius.