Sentence Examples with the word Laurie

Similar observations were made by Laurie (17) in Lankester's laboratory (1890) with regard to the early condition of the coxal gland of Scorpio, and by Bertkau (41) as to that of the spider Atypus.

Jessi, this is Laurie again, the nurse overseeing your cousin's care.

An important fact in its favour was discovered by Laurie (17), who investigated the embryology of two species of Scorpio under Lankester's direction.

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If I could get your driver's license and insurance card, I'll start the claims process, too, Laurie said.

Not so: Laurie is a Hegelian, using Kant's categories, as Hegel did, to argue that they are true not only of thoughts but of things; and for the same reason, that things and thoughts are the same.

There is a dictionary of quotations which includes quotes from Laurie Anderson to Victor Hugo.

Thorpe and Laurie converted potassium auribromide into a mixture of metallic gold and potassium bromide by careful heating.

P. Laurie has determined the electromotive force of a series of copper-zinc, copper-tin and gold-tin alloys, and as the result of his experiments he points to the existence of definite compounds.

Just once, I'd like one of these so-called TV vampires to come out and tell people it's all fake, Laurie said.

Multiple times, Laurie said at last.