Sentence Examples with the word Laurent

Cauchy had two brothers: Alexandre Laurent (1792-1857), who became a president of a division of the court of appeal in 1847, and a judge of the court of cassation in 1849; and Eugene Francois (1802-1877), a publicist Who also wrote several mathematical works.

AUGUSTE LAURENT BURDEAU (1851-1894), French politician, was the son of a labourer at Lyons.

The collections of Antoine Laurent de Jussieu, his son Adrien, and of Auguste de St Hilaire, are included in the large herbarium of the Jardin des Plantes at Paris, and in the same city is the extensive private collection of Dr Ernest Cosson.

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A new era dawned on botanical classification with the work of Antoine Laurent de Jussieu (1748-1836).

With Gustave Callier, whose funeral in 1863 was made the occasion of a display of clerical intolerance, Laurent had much in common, and the efforts of the society were directed to the continuation of Callier's philanthropic schemes.

Anton Laurent Lavoisier, however, must be considered as the first great exponent of this branch of chemistry.

A step forward - the fusion of Dumas' type theory and the radical theory - was made by Laurent and Charles Gerhardt.

The principal approach to the convent is from St Laurent du Pont, a village situated on the Guiers Mort, and largely built by the monks - it is connected by steam tramways with Voiron (for Grenoble) and St Beron (for Chambery).

He was then cleansed and re-clothed, his room cleaned, and during the day he was visited by his new attendant, a creole and a compatriot of Josephine de Beauharnais, named Jean Jacques Christophe Laurent (1770--1807), who had from the 8th of November onwards assistance for his charge from a man named Gomin.

Richemont's tale that the woman Simon, who was genuinely attached to him, smuggled him out in a basket, is simple and more credible, and does not necessarily invalidate the story of the subsequent operations with the deaf mute and the scrofulous patient, Laurent in that case being deceived from the beginning, but it renders them extremely unlikely.