Sentence Examples with the word Laura

Miss Sullivan knew at the beginning that Helen Keller would be more interesting and successful than Laura Bridgman, and she expresses in one of her letters the need of keeping notes.

The points of agreement and difference between it and Laura are carefully drawn out in the essay by Dr G.

Howe, edited by Laura E.

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Howe, and for association with Laura Bridgman and Helen Keller; the Massachusetts school for idiotic and feebleminded children (1839); and the Massachusetts charitable eye and ear infirmary (1824), all receive financial aid from the commonwealth, which has representation in their management.

Mira is either the cypris-stage of Laura gerardiae or of some congeneric species.

In the case of Helen, as in that of Laura Bridgman, disappointment was inevitable.

They only meet for the Divine Office and on great feasts, and are the real successors of the laura system.

His first wife was the brilliant Laura Tennant, sister of Mrs. Asquith; but she died in 1886, a year after the marriage, and her little boy lived only a couple of years.

He went, however, to the university of Bologna, where his famous kinswoman, Laura Bassi, was professor of physics, and it is to her influence that his scientific impulse has been usually attributed.

St Laura is exceeded in magnitude by the convent of Vato pede, also on Mount Athos.