Sentence Examples with the word Latinizing

Machiavelli had formed for himself a prose style, equalled by no one but by Guicciardini in his minor works, which was far removed from the emptiness of the latinizing humanists and the trivialities of the Italian purists.

Lazar was appointed teacher at the St Sava school of Bucharest, where he spread the new doctrine of the Latin origin of the Rumanians; Latinizing tendencies were, however, not yet imported into the language.

A Deparatianu (1835-1865), whose language shows traces of the new Latinizing school; and Nicolae Nicoleanu (1833-1871), whose powerful poems, full of deep and often mystical reflections, lead on from Alexandrescu to Eminescu, all three being the poets of pessim- ism.

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He adopted them to a great extent, but with much discrimination, and he used his own judgment in latinizing when he pleased.

The Latinizing Armenians adopted it from Rome in the crusading epoch.

It is also noticeable as illustrating the latinizing tendency of an age which gave classic form to the lightest essays of the fancy.

The parish priests, or white clergy, are so still, except some of the Latinizing ones.