Sentence Examples with the word Latinized

His French colleague, Petau, better known under his latinized surname of Petavius, opened still wider floodgates when he taught that theological dogmas, like everything else, have a history.

The anagram of Calvin is Alcuin, and this in its Latinized form Alcuinus appears in two editions of his Institutio as that of the author (Audin, Vie de Calvin, i.

In the first century of the empire a similar result was produced by the diffusion of that culture in the Latinized districts of Spain.

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Koresh), the Latinized form of a Persian name borne by two prominent members of the Achaemenid house.

ADYTUM, the Latinized form of aduton (not to be entered), the innermost sanctuary in ancient temples, access to which was forbidden to all but the officiating priests.

Fiocchi, canon and papal secretary, and was subsequently published as by him (under the latinized form of his name, Floccus), edited by Aegidius Witsius (1561).

GOSLICKI 1 533160 7), Polish bishop, better known under his Latinized name of Laurentius Grimalius Goslicius, was born about 1533.

The revived classical comedy was thus so bound down by respect for authority as to have little chance of development, while its language consisted of a latinized prose from which the emotions were almost absent.

LUCAS HOLSTENIUS, the Latinized name of Luc Holste (1596-1661), German humanist, geographer and theological writer, was born at Hamburg.

The Teutonic tribes had been Christianized, civilized and assimilated to the previously Latinized races over whom they exercised the authority of conquerors.