Sentence Examples with the word Latine

Among his other works may be mentioned: Mecanique de l'echange (1861); Illusion des societes cooperatives (1886); Le Bimetallisme en Angleterre (1879); Le Grand Proces de l'Union latine (1884).

Both serious rivals of the Revue des deux mondes; Revue francaise d'Edimbourg (1897); Revue germanique (1905); Le Livre (1880), dealing with bibliography and literary history, and La Revue latine (1902), no longer published; La Revue, monthly.

The first Latin grammar written in French was that of Pere de Condren of the Oratoire (c. 1642), which was followed by the Port-Royal Mdthode latine of Claude Lancelot (1644), and by the grammar composed by Bossuet for the dauphin, and also used by Fenelon for the instruction of the duc de Bourgogne.

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Among his other works may be mentioned the Manuel d'iconographic chretienne grecque et latine (1845), the Iconographie des chapiteaux du palais ducal de Venise (1857), and the Manuel des objets de bronze et d'orfevrerie (1859).

Apokalyptik (1857); Novum Testamentum extra canonem receptum (4 parts, 1866; 2nd ed., 1876-1884); Histor.-kritische Einleitung in das Neue Testament (1875); Acta Apostolorum graece et latine secundum antiquissimos testes (1899); the first complete edition of the Shepherd of Hermas (1887); Ignatii et Polycarpi epistolae (1902).

Portugal still lacks a collection equivalent to Rivadeneyra's Biblioteca de autores espanoles, contenting itself with the Parnasso lusitano (6 vols., 1826) and a Corpus illustrium poetarum lusitanorum qui latine scripserunt (1745-1748), and though much has been accomplished to make the classics more available, even yet no correct, not to say critical, texts of many notable writers exist.

The most important critical works are perhaps those of Felice Tocco, Le Opere Latine di Giordano Bruno (Florence, 1889), Le Opere Inedite di Giordano Bruno (Naples, 1891), Le Fonti piu recenti della fibs.

His manual of surgery was published at Venice in 1497, at Basel in 1541, and at Oxford Abulcasis de Chirurgia arabice et latine cura Johannis Channing (2 vols.

Bachet (Diophanti Alexandrini arithmeticorum libri sex, et de numeris multangulis liber unus, nunc primum graece et latine editi atque absolutissimis commentariis illustrati..

Pnech, Prudence; etude sur la poe'sie latine chret.