Sentence Examples with the word Laps

So wherever he goes he does many wonderful works; he builds bridges over every stream, as transparent as glass, but often as strong as iron; he shakes the forest trees until the ripe nuts fall into the laps of laughing children; he puts the flowers to sleep with one touch of his hand; then, lest we should mourn for the bright faces of the flowers, he paints the leaves with gold and crimson and emerald, and when his task is done the trees are beautiful enough to comfort us for the flight of summer.

It is found (1) on the Atlantic coastal plain, where it laps up on the Comanchean, or over it to older formations beyond its inland margin; (2) on the coastal plain of the Gulf region in similar relations; (3) over the western plains; (4) in the western mountains; and (5) along the Pacific coast.

In the rains all these disappear, and the water laps against forest trees and the abrupt slope of the hills.

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We found ourselves in the middle of something that dropped in our laps through no fault or effort of our own.

She dove into the pool and swam several laps before emerging.

Alex and Gerald talked around and over the bobbing heads of children on their laps as if it were an everyday occurrence.

In some cases, therefore, a combined form is adopted, the body of the drum being cylindrical, and a width equal to three or four laps conical on either side.