Sentence Examples with the word Lapped

Their decoration is confined to a band round the upper part of the pot, or often only a projecting flange lapped round the whole rim.

She baited the hook and threw it in the pond, watching as tiny waves rippled out from the bobber and gently lapped at the grassy shore.

She lapped once with the tip of her tongue, tasting both the metallic, spicy blood and her tears.

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The wagons are attached at intervals by short lengths of chain lapped twice round the rope and hooked into one of the links, or in some cases the chains are hooked into hempen loops on the main rope.

As the blood gushed out he lapped it up; and instead of suffering the fatal weakness which might have been expected from the haemorrhage, he seems to have done well.

The various Union divisions hurriedly prepared to defend themselves, but they were dispersed in several camps which were out of sight of one another, and thus the Confederate army lapped round the flanks of each local defence as it encountered it.