Sentence Examples with the word Languished

Presently at a feast of Anahite Gregory refused to assist his sovereign in offering pagan sacrifice, and his parentage being now revealed, was thrown into a deep pit at Artashat, where he languished for fourteen years, during which persecution raged in Armenia.

In 1100 he was captured by Danishmend of Sivas, and he languished in prison till 1103.

The brotherhood appears to have languished in obscurity during the republic, and to have been revived by Augustus.

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For the next six years the war languished owing to the timidity of the emperor, the incompetence of his generals and the exhaustion of the Porte; but on the 11th of September 1697 Prince Eugene of Savoy routed the Turks at Zenta and on the 13th of November 1698 a peace-congress was opened at Karlowitz which resulted in the peace of that name (Jan.

In this dungeon he languished for two and a half years, and, despite all the efforts of Pope Honorius III.