Sentence Examples with the word Languet

Blasel, Hubert Languet (Breslau, 1872); O.

HUBERT LANGUET (1518-1581), French Huguenot writer and diplomat, was born at Vitteaux in Burgundy, of which town his father was governor.

Scholz, Hubert Languet als kursachsischer Berichterstatter u.

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Chevreul, Hubert Languet (Paris, 1852); J.

There is a good article on Languet by P. Tschackert in Hauck's Real-Encyklopadie, 3rd ed., xi.

The authorship of the work by which Languet is best known has been disputed.

The work has been frequently reprinted, the Leipzig edition (1846) containing a life of Languet by Treitschke.

De la Mare, Vie d'Hubert Languet (Halle, 1700); E.

His request being granted, Languet spent the last years of his life mainly in the Low Countries, and though nominally still in the service of the elector, he undertook a mission to England for John Casimir of Bavaria and was a valuable adviser to William the Silent, prince of Orange.

There seems little doubt, however, that it was really the work of the prince himself, with the help either of Languet (Groen van Prinsterer, Archives) or of Pierre de Villiers (Motley, Rise of the Dutch Republic; and Blok, History of the People of the Netherlands).