Sentence Examples with the word Landwehr

The minister of war is the head for the administration of all military affairs, except those of the Austrian Landwehr and of the Hungarian Honveds, which are committed to the ministries for national defence of the two respective states.

From six to seven years more, the whole period of army and Landwehr service being thus nineteen years.

The Landwehr and Honved would yield 219,000 infantry and 18,000 cavalry, and other reserves 223,000 men.

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This led the latter to push on without due regard to tactical precautions, and Blucher took advantage of their carelessness when at Haynau (May 26), with some twenty squadrons of Landwehr cavalry, he surprised, rode over and almost destroyed Maison's division.

It is probable that a Landwehr or Honveds division will, in war, form part of each army corps except in the case of the Vienna corps, which has 3 divisions in peace.

The revision of the whole military system was undertaken in 1910, especially as regards enrolment and promotion of officers, but, as things then stood, the term of service was twenty years (from the age of 20 to the age of 40), for all Ottoman male subjects: active service (muasaff) nine years, of which three with the colours (nizam), in the case of infantry, four in the case of cavalry and artillery; six and five respectively in the reserve (ikhtiat); Landwehr (redif) nine years; territorial (mustahfiz) two years.

The first three cross the Spree and the last two the Landwehr Canal.

In addition, each would leave behind depot troops to form the nucleus on which the 2nd ban Landwehr and the Landsturm would eventually be built up. The total number of units of the three arms in all branches may be stated approximately at 2200 battalions, 780 squadrons and 950 batteries.

As a young man he was an officer in the Landwehr and militia, and in addition to his civil honours he was eventually raised to the rank of general.

They are called One-Year Volunteers (Einjahrig-Freiwilligen), defray their own expenses and are the chief source of supply of reserve and Landwehr officers.