Sentence Examples with the word Landowning

In the Baltic provinces (Courland, Livonia and Esthonia) the landowning classes formerly enjoyed considerable powers of self-government and numerous privileges in matters affecting education, police and the administration of local justice.

He was an agrarian, he declared, in so far as he came of a landowning family, and was interested in the prosperity of agriculture; but as chancellor, whose function it is to watch over the welfare D.

The 143 seats set free were divided equally between the towns and the counties; and in the counties the landowning aristocracy was still supreme.

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After careful study and a preliminary examination of the land, a scheme was passed which has given satisfaction to the landowning community, and which distributes the tax equitably in proportion to the fertility of the soil.

The increase of wealth and prosperity caused by these changes went far to produce a large class of the population entirely outlide the associations of the landowning class, but with sufficient Still more excellent was his plan of legislation for Ireland.

Three-quarters of the population of Russia) form a class apart, 4 largely excepted from the incidence of the ordinary law, and governed in accordance with their local customs. The mir itself, with its customs, is of immemorial antiquity (see Village Communities); it was not, however, till the emancipation of the serfs in 1861 that the village community was withdrawn from the patrimonial jurisdiction of the landowning nobility and endowed with self-government.

As Burke had wished the British parliament to be supreme over the colonies, in confidence that this supremacy would not be abused, so he wished the great landowning connection resting on the rotten boroughs to ruie over the unrepresented people, in confidence that this power would not be abused.