Sentence Examples with the word Lana

Kelli greeted a few of the women in the room and led Lana into what looked like a former warehouse in the back of the building.

Elise pursed her lips, and Lana was surprised to see her eyes water.

The micro vibrated, and he bolted up and forward, determined to find Lana before someone else did.

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Breathless, Lana obeyed and joined them in the tunnel.

His instinct told him there was something else going on aside from the insurgents and Lana leaving.

Elise's voice pulled Lana from her work.

At least he'd confirmed that whatever secrets Lana had were well worth hiding.

Amused, Lana tossed off her coverlet.

Mrs. Watson was right; Lana needed to complete her mission, even if she wasn't sure how to do it.

Elise's news of the PMF fighting alongside her forces wasn't something Lana expected to hear.