Sentence Examples with the word Lamellae

They may have rudimentary exopodites, and may or may not have branchial filaments or lamellae developed on their posterior faces.

It forms small brown lamellae which dissolve slowly in water to give a fuchsine-red solution possessing a violet reflex.

X, Glandular lamellae of the inner face of the mantle-skirt.

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The margins of the lamellae of the scorpion's lung-book, which are lowermost in the figures (fig.

F, Gill lamellae (not ctenidia, but organs of the pallial complex, having two kidneys, in some cases two branchiae, and two auricles.

On four feet (i, k,1, m) are the rudiments of the lamellae which subsequently form the brood-cavity.

In Anodonta the eggs pass into the space between the two lamellae of the outer gill-plate, and are there FIG.

These gills are in the form of delicate lamellae (fig.

Mesosomatic segments furnished with large plate-like appendages, the 1st pair acting as the genital operculum, the remaining pairs being provided with branchial lamellae fitted for breathing oxygen dissolved in water.

The mechanical result of the concrescence of the outer lamellae to the mantle-flap, and of the inner lamellae to one another as shown' in section D, fig.