Sentence Examples with the word Lamed

NI.PoPr, in order to secure VOlundr's services, lamed him by cutting the sinews of his knees, and then established him in a smithy on a neighbouring island.

Economic distress increased the number of highway robberies, these in turn lamed commercial intercourse.

Transposing verses 5, 6, and correcting their text, we see that the Jod stanza (verses 3, 4) precedes the Lamed (verses 6, 5), Caph having disappeared between them.

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His son was smitten by Ares in battle; his daughter Laodameia was slain by Artemis; he himself, flung from his horse, lamed or blinded, became a wanderer over the face of the earth until his death (Pindar, Isthmia, vi.

The horse was lamed on a rock.