Sentence Examples with the word Ladislas

Lenkei, Zoltan Ferenczy, Aladar Ballagi, Ladislas Negyessy, have shown themselves somewhat too ready to follow the latest Norwegian or Parisian sensation.

The Bohemian throne was now again vacant, for, when electing Ladislas the estates had reaffirmed the elective character of the monarchy.

But Ladislas still occupied the papal states, and Florence, alarmed at his growing power and ambition, formed a league with Siena, Bologna and Louis of Anjou who laid claim to the Neapolitan throne, to drive Ladislas from Rome.

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In 1413 Ladislas attacked the papal states once more, driving John from Rome, and threatened Florence; but like Henry VII., Gian Galeazzo Visconti, and other enemies of the republic, he too died most opportunely (6th of August 1414).

The creditors threatened to surrender him to Henry VII., but, more fortunate than his brother, he found a safe refuge at Buda with King Ladislas VI.