Sentence Examples with the word Lactone

On reducing the lactone prepared from the inactive acid an inactive galactose is obtained from which l-galactose may be separated by fermentation.

It was then found that on reducing the lactone of the acid obtained from d-mannonic acid, ordinary glucose resulted.

For an isomer, isocampholactone (the lactone of trimethyl-2.2.

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Also Kiliani found that the lactone derived from the cyanhydrin of natural arabinose (laevo) was identical with the previous lactone except that its rotation was equal and opposite.

Solution in dilute alkali was supposed to be accompanied by the rupture of the lactone ring with the formation of the quinonoid salt shown in 2.

Sedanolic acid readily decomposes into water and its lactone sedanolid, C 12 H 18 0 2, the odorous constituent of celery oil.

The cyanhydrin is hydrolysable to an acid, the lactone of which may be reduced by sodium amalgam to a glucoheptose, a non-fermentable sugar containing seven carbon atoms. By repeating the process a non-fermentable gluco-octose and a fermentable glucononose may be prepared.