Sentence Examples with the word Lacquered

He trotted down a set of black lacquered stairs, an iPad tucked under one arm.

The makie-shi may be said to paint a picture on the surface of the already lacquered object.

They have not even the attraction of being cleanly sculptured in wood, but are covered with thinly lacquered muslin, which, though doubtless a good preservative, accentuates their puppet-like character.

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When employing a Volta condensing electroscope, the following is the method of procedure: - The top of the electroscope consists of a flat, smooth plate of lacquered brass on which another plate of brass rests, separated from it by three minute fragments of glass or shellac, or a film of shellac varnish.

Its only notable production of a ceramic character was the work of Miura Kenya (1830-1843), who followed the methods of the celebrated Haritsu (I 6881704) of KiOto in decorating plain or lacquered wood with mosaics of raku faience having colored glazes.

The room was warm and cozy, its walls done up in dark lacquered wood, the warm glow of chandeliers non- imposing.

The chief manufactures are silk brocades, gold and silver thread, gold filigree work, German-silver work, embossed brass vessels and lacquered toys; but the brasswork for which Benares used to be famous has greatly degenerated.

The first is the extraction and preparation of the lac; the second, its application; and the third, the decoration of the lacquered surface.

She sat on a couch inside the gold lacquered bathroom, rubbing her face.