Sentence Examples with the word La belle

He brought out his first play, La Belle au bois dormant, in 1894 and his first volume of poetry, La Chambre blanche, in 1895.

Of the fortifications erected by Vauban in the 17th century, only a gateway and the partially dismantled citadel, nicknamed la Belle Inutile, are left.

Pope sur l'homme (1737, an attack on the Leibnitzian theory of that poem), Logique (6 vols., 1741), De l'esprit humain (1741), and Reflexions sur l'ouvrage intitule: La Belle Wolfienne (1743).

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Turquan, Souveraines et grandes Dames: La citoyenne Tallien, temoignages des contemporains et documents inedits (Paris, 1898); and Louis Gastine, La belle Tallien (1909).

In the orchestral ballad, La Belle Dame sans Merci, he touches the note of weird pathos, and in the nautical overture Britannia his sense of humour stands revealed.

This was followed by the Debat du reveille-matin, La Belle Dame sans merci, and others.

He wrote a number of comedies, to one of which, La Belle Plaideuse, Moliere's L'Avare is said to owe something; and also some volumes of verse.

Along the shore of Lakes Fowler and La Belle are some beautiful country estates, several large hotels and fine club houses, and two sanatoria.

Duquesne, Vie et aventures galantes de la belle Sorel (1909).