Sentence Examples with the word LIE TO

Even the one where you planned to lie to me about Wynn healing Selyn.

The Constitutions of Clarendon, in 1164, made the appeal from the court of the archdeacon lie to the court of the bishop.

Fitzgerald will prove we're seeing each other and anything you say is a lie to protect your lover.

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Williams Jackson, Persia, Past and Present.) is of course given to the Persian language (in four columns); the three Susian (Elamitic) columns lie to the left, and the Babylonian text is on a slanting boulder above them; a part of the Babylonian has been destroyed by a torrent, which has made its way over it.

He had yet to lie to her, and she didn't think he was now.

The chapter-house, cloisters and other conventual buildings and remains lie to the south.

The state has two Amtsgerichte (courts of first instance) at Bremen and Bremerhaven respectively, and a superior court, Landgericht, at Bremen, whence appeals lie to the Oberlandesgericht for the Hanseatic towns in Hamburg.

The Waldensian valleys lie to the south-west of Turin, in the direction of Monte Viso, but include no high or snowy mountains, while the glens themselves are (with one or two exceptions) fertile and well wooded.

I regretted the words as soon as I'd spoken; suggesting a lie to cover a larger one.

It is a peculiar feature of the drainage in North Carolina that the headwaters lie to the east of the highest mountains, and that the chief rivers flow north-westward through the mountains to the broad valley lowland of the stratified belt and then through the plateau, as the members of the Mississippi system.